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Invitée : Sophie Pommet

Mardi, 29 Avril 2014
The impact of VC financing on the survival of French IPOs
  • Séminaires du GREThA

Invité : Kristiaan Kerstens

Vendredi, 18 Avril 2014
How Well do Convex Cost Function Estimates Approximate for Nonconvexities? A Non-Parametric Approach With an Illustration on Scale Economies and Returns to Scale
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Invité : Francesco Rullani

Mardi, 15 Avril 2014
Time is the enemy. How knowledge breadth of MNC subsidiaries influences the search duration of host-country firms
  • Séminaires du GREThA

Invitée : Julie Le Gallo

Vendredi, 11 Avril 2014
The effets of geographical indications and natural conditions on wineyard sale prices
  • Séminaires du GREThA

Invité : Herbert Dawid

Mercredi, 9 Avril 2014
Cohesion Policy and Inequality Dynamics: Insights from a Heterogeneous Agents. Macroeconomic Model.